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    I need just the fan for a cooling unit (Miller Coolrunner) according to the parts tech at miller they dicontinued that part and so there is no replacement fan to purchase he said he could not send me a spec sheet for the fan because it was purchase from a vendor (Can hardly belive that) his suggestion was to take the fan to a grainger store and tell the parts guy do you have any of these this sounds very time consuming. But anyway if anyone knows where to purchase coolrunner parts here are the specs for my welder it is a Miller sync 250 DX

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    Yup. Pop that fan out & go to Grainger.

    They can most likely find you something that will work. I got one for an older XMT 300 there before.

    Shouldn't be very expensive either.
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      Thats quite a big blower fan, how could you damage that?