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insurance for small business??? help with info please...

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    Originally posted by Broccoli1 View Post
    JSFab is saying that since he doesn't lie to his Insurance Co. he doesn't have to worry about possibly not being covered for an Incident- he's covered.

    He is not saying he doesn't worry about working with out Insurance- he has it.

    2nd thing he is talking about is that he is not afraid to tell his Insurance company to take a Hike and take his money to a new Insurance carrier- he looks 6 months in advance of his policy expiring for a better deal-if there is one.
    Ed, thanks for clarifying what I originally said, you nailed it. I was perhaps not completely clear in my post.

    I would also mention, I consider buying insurance no different from buying a welder, tool, truck, whatever. It is a product, in my case spreads and limits the risks, that I take every day being in business. The $200 policy from the off-shore company, while I'm sure they can provide an insurance certificate, doubt they will provide any real protection.

    Do the research, even if your state doesn't have a decent insurance department, other states do, the internet is your friend.
    Obviously, I'm just a hack-artist, you shouldn't be listening to anything I say .....


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      I also think its worth mentioning, in all my years in business, I have never been asked if I carried bottles on the truck. I think if a insurance company asks this, they are really not in the business, it should be a given, dump the agent.
      Obviously, I'm just a hack-artist, you shouldn't be listening to anything I say .....


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        Just to make sure everybody understands the various kinds of coverages ....

        Inland Marine .... covers loss of your own personal equipment. Sometimes, if the policy is written correctly, will also cover customer's products being transported by you.

        Liability ..... covers you for whatever stupid things you do onsite, or for whatever stupid thing that somebody else does on your own site.

        Completed operations ..... covers for missing belt guard you failed to put on, the required safety equipment you didn't think was necessary, pays and protects you a couple years later for loss of limb or life, due to stupid decisions or unforseen events on your part.
        Obviously, I'm just a hack-artist, you shouldn't be listening to anything I say .....


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          this is good info guys and thanks for all ur support. it seems like its going better today! maybe i was just dealing with the wrong company! or one wrong person within that company


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            JSfab has it right.

            I've been a portable welder for 23 years now in my own business.

            I would like to add to the end portion called ( Completed Operations ) which starts covering you when you leave the job site in the event of a smoldering rag that starts a fire after you leave the job.

            Liability insurance covers you when your on the job and completed operations after you leave.

            Make sure your policy says both things.

            I also agree with JS Fab, If they are asking about tanks on your truck they are not familiar with portable welders.

            Most insurance companies wont deal with portable welders and the ones that do will only deal with you if you have a proven track record.

            Good luck. Portable Welder