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Swivel head bandsaw got one ???

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  • Swivel head bandsaw got one ???

    anyone have or have used the grizzly G9742 5x6 saw thinking very seriously about selling my 4x6 hf and getting one of these. would love the swivel vs moving the vise. i looked at the jet but don't wanna pay close two seven for a chip tray also looked at the norther tool cheapest price and looking plus its close two 200 for shipping from them. would like to stay around 500 if you've got the grizz how do you like it have you added coolant or any extras thanks

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    Don't move the vise for 45* cuts. Put a square with a 45* head against your fence and draw a line on your bed. Then move down 3/16" from the line and put a punch mark. Drill and tap for a 3/8-16 bolt and wolla instant 45* liner upper. Leave the bolt in place and anytime you need a quick 45* just place the metal against the bolt and tighten the vise. I have a pic someplace...Bob
    Bob Wright


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      Like this...Bob
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      Bob Wright


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        yep ive seen that trick but i often do stuff with odd angles and its a pain moving and setting up for various angles i may setup my 4x6 strictly for stand up or use the motor for something else


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          Grizzly saw

          I have a full-time welding and metal fab business and I have worked this little saw HARD, 6 and sometimes 7 days a week for over five years. Nothing has broken or failed and it still cuts accurately. It is an incredible value for the money. The main reason I went with it was because my shop is very small, so when cutting 20' stock at a 45, I didn't have much room to move the material. I have never bothered with coolant, as it seems to make a bigger mess that it's worth. With proper use, you can get a lot of cuts without it.


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            thanks space is one of my biggest concerns i have a small home shop 20x20 and when i cut i usually have the stock running out the door i would be nice to swivel the saw and not have to move back and forth for angles


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              Also have had this same saw for yrs.Good saw for the buck.Had to replace my hold bolt for the swivel adjustment mine stripped.But has cut great for years otherwise.
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