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    Does anyone know what a Miller A.C. Arc Welder for "Heliarc" serial #15921 Amps 70/35 K.W. 5.2 K.V.A. 15.4 is worth? I bought it used about 50 years ago and it still works. It weighs somewhere around 500 lbs.

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    I have one of these.....It is worth........Keeping That's it


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      Melt weight.

      Whats copper go for now days???
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        I really don't have any idea what that machine would be worth. A friend of mine that I have done some work for has a machine similar to that and we were trying to figure out what it was worth a couple months ago. We are still looking and if we figure anything out I'll post it on here for you.
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          Pics for the curious?


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            Trying to attach some pictures

            Originally posted by 1930case View Post
            Pics for the curious?
            Does this help?
            Attached Files


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              I was talking to my LWS yesterday about an SA-200, then we started talking about collecting welders, he said that the Miller welders with the tall L's were collector items. Over the tall L's there was an arc, arch, half moon that does not show in the picture.
              He said paint, polish and save them.
              Good Luck,
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                Originally posted by Clarence Harms View Post
                Does anyone know what a Miller A.C. Arc Welder for "Heliarc" serial #15921 Amps 70/35 K.W. 5.2 K.V.A. 15.4 is worth? I bought it used about 50 years ago and it still works. It weighs somewhere around 500 lbs.
                If it works then it is a fine machine, plain and simple. It would be worth more if you had the remote foot controller.
                It is worth whatever you can get for it. With this economy the way it is, this would be about the worst time you could pick to sell it IMO. Now is the time to be buying jewels like that and then wait for them to increase in value.
                Another ten years shouldn't matter much

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                  Neat machine. Probably not "worth" much except to the few people who collect welding machines. Ebay would reach the widest audience, and of course this forum would be a good place to post it.


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                    Originally posted by mspaul
                    A gorgeous Forum comment,I am very impress with your comment, I will share this comment with my all friends..


                    Advise link goes directly to
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