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Merry CHRISTmas

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    amen again !

    Merry Christmas to all,

    Wow - the time does fly by - another year almost gone.

    Thanks to all for the great insight and tips and tricks.

    I wish good health and happiness to all.

    Please keep the advice coming !

    It's Sunday afternoon here in Philadelphia and it's snowing.
    Eagles game with Vikings has been postponed until Tuesday.

    I decided to have a look and walked to my supermarket at 2:00 PM to see how the crowds were coping with the snow.

    Looked like the world was coming to an end......
    Lines everywhere and lots of empty shelves.

    So I came home and threw another case of beer in the snow.

    As long as I have power and beer, I can finish my projects.

    And even if I lose power, I'll manage.

    I consider myself extremely lucky compared to many others around the country so I won't complain a bit.

    Happy New Year to everyone.

    Stay safe !
    Miller Dynasty 350, Dynasty 210 DX, Hypertherm 1000, Thermal Arc GTSW400, Airco Heliwelder II, oxy-fuel setup, metal cutting bandsaw, air compressor, drill press, large first aid kit, etc.

    Call me the "Clouseau" of welding !


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      merry christmas and god bless you guys who are fighting for our freedom, the amount of respect i have for you is endless, snowing like heck here in new hampshire. kevin