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cantaminated alumina nozzle

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  • cantaminated alumina nozzle

    Hi ev'ry body,
    As a beginer in TIG welding, I need as much advice and opinion on this issue: can a contaminated alumina nozzle like this contaminate the weld? What should I do, replace it or can I just clean it?
    Thank you very much (in advance) for your opinion/advice.
    Have a nice weld.
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      Hi steph,

      If you have a new nozzle, I would suggest you replace it.

      However, I fondly remember when I started "welding" ( I say "welding" in quotes as I still consider myself as a beginner even after 35+ years), that I was on a very tight budget.

      If you have access to a glass beader or sand blasting machine, you might try to carefully (very carefully )remove the metal contamination on your nozzles.

      The metal contamination would be a source of future problems.

      If, after cleaning, the threads of the nozzle are clean and there are no cracks or visible metal film, I see no reason to replace.

      I had a ceramic nozzle I used for 7 years until I dropped my tig torch.
      Ouch - I drowned my sorrows in a bar for 3 hours that night.

      Of course please take my advice with a (big) grain of salt.

      If you look at my other posts, I also tig together short pieces of my tungsten electrodes to save money !

      So this advice comes from a cheapskate.......................

      Good luck and have fun !
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