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Argon...Straight for MIG welding Mild Steel and Chrome Moly

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  • Argon...Straight for MIG welding Mild Steel and Chrome Moly

    Tonight I ran out of Argon/Co2 mix and need to weld in the morning. I have Straight Argon for my TIG welder but have never used it for shielding for MIG process. Is this advisable or not. Any issues I must be aware of if I do use it? Pleaseā€¦..any help would be appreciated. Thank you all.
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    won't work.....


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      it will kinda work, but you wont like what happens, nor will you like havin to grind all the welds back out cause they didnt penetrate

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        As an experiment, I tried pure argon and .035 70S-6 with my 200 amp mig. Even with the machine turned all the way up, there was practically no penetration and not very good fusion either. Maybe I could make it work with the XMT or 350P running .030 wire, but I have no need to try it.

        You'll be better off waiting till you have the right gas to do your project.
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          Hey kata,
          You didn't indicate the size of bottle you have. I generally use 80 & 125cf bottles in the shop on my units. I keep (2) spares.... a 40cf of C25 & a 40cf of AR. These are for the sometimes weekends of a "just-in-case" as most LWS or other suppliers are closed. A couple 40cf bottles can be inexpensive with some diggin' on C/L or your local classifieds. My (2) spare bottles have saves my a$$ several times.

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            Years ago i was working midnights and ran out of gas. So i stuck a bottle of pure Argon and went back to welding. Except for a taller bead i couldn't tell the difference. But i was using a Deltaweld 452 with .045 wire and it was cranked up pretty good. Would i do it again. Only if i was on deserted island and thats all there was. But i did do a small job last week for a guy welding a garden tractor exhaust. I had used my spoolgun earlier in the day on some alum and forgot to change the gas back to my new bottle of 75/25. I welded around the pipe and told the guy man theres a lot of Argon in that new bottle. Then i noticed it was pure Argon. Oh well it worked great and looked good too...Bob
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              as previously stated there will be very little penetration. at work sometimes we have specific applications for this and i do it intentionally.
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                The co2 helps carry and stabilize the arc. Without it you will have lots of problems.
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                  Straight argon will get you by in a pinch. Use lots of heat because it won't penetrate as much but in a pinch I've done it before. It's true that CO2 will help stabilize the arc but it doesn't do THAT much. If it did then you couldn't weld with a 95/5 or a 98/2 argon oxygen mix, which is what is preferred (even necessary) for spray arc stuff. Just lots of heat is the key.
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