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  • Aluminum welding

    I have just bought a 252 millermatic welding machine and a used 30a spoolgun is there anything that i need to watch for while using this setup on aluminum

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    I have a millermatic 200. I only use my spoolgun for tacking anymore. Just too finicky for continuous welding. What I found was that I needed to clip the ball off the wire every time I started to weld or it would not start worth a darn. I clip the wire at a diagonal so the sharp end lit up faster.

    I know that most people like 4043 better, but I have better luck with 5356, as it drives better and seems to arc up more consistantly.

    Good Luck and have fun.
    Nothing welded, Nothing gained

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      I have a MM185 and spoolgun and like 3035 wire. I use it for new production parts as well as repair of broken junk. Yes junk by the time it gets to me its really broke or 3 others have tried to fix it. Here is a chainsaw cover i made today from 1/8" alum. All the corners are welded and ground...BobClick image for larger version

Name:	315 cover2.jpg
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      Bob Wright


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        I've got a millermatic 250 and I want to buy a 30a spoolgun and I'm wondering what gas should I use when I can afford to get this gun?

        I've used helium in the past with a TIG on aluminium, but my experience with anything but mild steel is limited.


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          truckman for alum you need pure Argon...Bob
          Bob Wright


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