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Portable welders, which one? There's too many!

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  • Portable welders, which one? There's too many!

    My grandpa is convinced he needs to buy an engine driven welder to do pipe fence at my place and some of his property(I can't ever stop him, just try to make sure he makes the right buy lol). I'm really not familiar with portables at all though. It would be nice to have a diesel driven that I can use a remote with and also run a 110v mig off of, if I had something to put out enough power to run the fridge and heater at the house when the ice and tornadoes come through(it's been brutal past couple years) that would be great too. I typically never mess with anything over 1/2" mild steel at the house. I dont mind red or blue(I'm colorblind anyway lol) so I've been looking at the ranger 305 and the bobcat 250 but you guys what tells me what works? I also know people seem to think highly of the old lincoln pipeliner's, what's the story on those? Thanks

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    What on to buy?

    Srtictly speaking of brand new units the bobcat would be the cheepest with the ranger coming in second and the pipliner the most pricy.

    The pipliner will run at lower RPM that meant less oil changes.

    the Bobcat and the ranger will TIG but it dose not sound like you will be useing it much if at all.

    Sounds like all of them will handel what you plan on doing.

    All that being said I think I would buy the bobcat.
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      If you look at older units, make sure they put out AC power at the plugs.
      Some of the older welder have DC on the plugs.
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        Either a Bobcat or Ranger would do more than you ask for. No need to get more expensive for what your demands are. Gas would be about half the price and half the weight of a similar diesel model, so I know what I'd buy.


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          Originally posted by ccawgc View Post
          If you look at older units, make sure they put out AC power at the plugs.
          Some of the older welder have DC on the plugs.

          From the sounds of what you need I think your in the market for a Miller Bobcat 225/ 250 or Lincoln Ranger 225/ 250.
          Oh wait you said you wanted to use a remote right?
          That means you have to step up to Trailblazer 275 (more cost effective than the 302 and no AC weld output) or 302 or the Lincoln Ranger 305G, either color machine you'll be able to handle what you need to do.
          Both brands also offer an LPG (propane) version at an extra cost, it might be useful if the machine will sit for long periods of time without use (back-up generator). The nice thing about that is the propane won't go stale like gasoline does.
          You can get a diesel Trailblazer 302 or Ranger 305 (D) but according to the list price on their websites it pretty much doubles the cost... AND it's a noisy 3600rpm diesel.

          I think it's a pretty easy choice, find out what your local distributors carry/ service and which one will give you a good deal and great service.
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