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  • Trailer hitch question

    Seems like anymore, hitch mounted accessories are sloppy in the receiver. I just got a cargo carrier (aluminum with steel bar) for my motor coach. It's supposed to fit in a 2" receiver, but is pretty sloppy. Since the carrier only clears the back of my coach by about 1 1/2", I don't want it moving around.

    I've looked at all manner of tightening this up by using fillers, drilling the receiver and tapping for a bolt, and wedging.

    I wonder if running a couple of beads down the length of the bar where it fits in the receiver and grinding to fit would work? Also wonder that if done in short beads and allowing to cool between beads would eliminate any detrimental effects to the bar (which is actually a 3/16" wall tube). The welds wouldn't have to be run for full penetration. Would be more like a build up of metal.

    Whatcha think?

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    That should work, it would be just like shims. And I am thinking you would not over load your carrier.


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      I weldes some beads on a few this summer for customers. The problem i saw was the rec tube was 3/16" wall and not 1/4" so that allowed it to slop around...Bob
      Bob Wright


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        I put some beads on mine but being located up in NW Wisconsin and road salt, I found that I had a nice tight fit till I went to remove in the spring. After much hammering, cussing etc. etc. I got it out. Maybe a little slack is a good thing if you have road salt.


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          I've done this for years, on multiple trucks. Just did it this last summer to my 2-inch insert, then pulled a 19,000-lb load.
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            Thanks guys. I didn't think it would be a problem but never hurts to check. I'll run a couple of beads this weekend and see how it goes. Probably take me longer to get the powder coat off the bar than to weld and grind it.


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              All went well. After too much time scraping the powder coat off, I ran beads using 3/32" 6013 at 80 amps with my PT225 in stick mode. Worked out great. No warpage and with a bit of grinding, now the bar fits as it should have from the beginning.