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    when welding i cant get a steady wire feed could my feed rollers need replacing or is it something else thanks

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    The rollers on brand name machines don't wear out easily, so unless they've been slipping since day one and/or you've been through a several hundred pounds they (rollers) wouldn't be the 1st thing I'd check.


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      I'd suggest you make sure the gun is straight as possible, check the liner, contact tip, drive roll tension, correct size tip for wire, correct size liner for wire. That'll keep you busy for awhile.
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        drive wheels

        sometimes the wheels will clog with gunk but most likely in your liner ....weld with it straight and see doesnt it weld better


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          Wire Feed

          I just recently had the same problem with inconsistent wire flow out of my Miller 140 AutoSet. I took it to my local Miller Service Center. The salesman I have purchased a machine from in the past told me that it was most likely the wire sleeve that tends to get a slight bend causing the wire not to flow smoothly.

          Sure enough, he pulled it out of my machine and showed me the area with the slight bend. He showed me how to replace it and tested my machine. It worked fine after that. His advise, when preparing the unit for storage, was not to roll up the cable up in small loops and, when welding, not to bend or twist the cable near the gun.

          In my opinion, this is another good reason to buy from your local dealers instead of over the Internet.

          Hope this info helps!

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            Originally posted by wirebrush View Post
            when welding i cant get a steady wire feed could my feed rollers need replacing or is it something else thanks
            If your drive roller is double grooved, try flipping it around just for the heck of it. I have that phenomenon with my Millermatic 200. Never could feed .035 wire with that groove, have to use the .030 groove.

            Try adjusting the tension knob too.
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              Make sure the tension on your wire reel is not too tight. You want it as loose as possible without freespooling whenever you let off of the trigger.


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                wire feed

                Out of curiosity what type of mig gun are you running?