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Anybody fix a starter ring gear?

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  • Anybody fix a starter ring gear?

    Had a tractor break a tooth off the ring gear on the flywheel yesterday. New is no longer available, I may be able to turn up a used one, but was wondering if anyone ever successfully repaired one? Not sure what type of steel its made out of but can't be that hard since you heat these things up to install them.

    Thanks for any suggestions.


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    Make a pattern from a good side of the gear then weld it up and file to suit. Use the pattern to check it...Bob
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      Hey Ben,
      Bob(aamm) is correct regarding first making an outline of the tooth dimensions. As far as welding, you did not indicate if you have a welder & type(Stick.MIG/etc.) that we could recommend filler. I've made a few replacement teeth with both 7018(SMAW) & ER70S-6(MIG) & then milled them to spec.. They're not hard to do.

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        I would imagine the teeth on the flywheel for the starter would be hardened to some degree. Maybe check another tooth with a file to get an idea of how hard it is. If it's fairly hard and you just weld it I imagine there would be a good chance of it just snapping off again.
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          I've done a few

          And not as good of a job as some posters have described.
          Sometimes an engine will stop running at the same place over and over. Generally on the ones I fixed there would be a good amount of wear on a couple or more teeth in the same area because of this phenomenon.
          Also I have done some of these directly on the vehicle, using tig and ER-70. I simply ground it close with a grinder and then filed it to shape. Never had any problem with them again.

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            Originally posted by yorkiepap View Post
            Hey Ben,
            As far as welding, you did not indicate if you have a welder & type(Stick.MIG/etc.) that we could recommend filler.

            I was hoping I could do it with a hammer and nails, maybe some glue?

            Seriously I have a TB 302 and a feeder. I could always use this as a excuse to go buy that tig torch too.

            The shaping I can do it will just take time, I am mostly worried about brittleness/snapping the new tooth off the ring.

            I'm not sure if I can get to it on the tractor or not...

            The service manual would read like this.

            1 Split tractor.

            2 Remove clutch.

            3 Remove flywheel.

            So would 3/32 7018 be a good choice?

            Thanks for the replies



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              If you wind up doing the job with the flywheel on the tractor, make sure to put the work clamp on the FW or if you can't due to lack of access then clamp to the crank pulley to prevent the weld current from having to jump the bearing clearance as it would if clamped to the block or frame.
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                Everything they said... And in addition to that, if the flywheel / ring gear can be mounted on a different degree to what it was, I would put the repaired side on the least used section. Example - the engine tends to stop in one regular place, put the repair opposite that if you can. Most flex plates/ring gears are balanced to the engine and have a locating index built in, for production engines; slower RPM engines don't require the balancing. If you can, change the degree of the plate. I've run into this before and have successfully rebuilt a bad spot on a ring gear with a hard facing filler, then ground and finished the teeth to a template, however I've done them as well with regular 70psi filler and been able to rotate the ring gear, so the wear took place in a different area. All repairs worked with no come-backs.

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