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Trouble with Millermatic 211 and Spoolmate 100 on 1/8" alum (pics)

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    Originally posted by Lindley View Post
    You nailed it! It was actually very windy today. I forgot to mention that. I was trying to weld between big gusts, but that was difficult to do and I could hear the weld sizzle and pop a little when the wind picked up.

    Those are great looking welds you did. I really need to get my paws on some thicker material.
    You will find that Aluminum is much more finicky about gas than steel. Even a light gust from a fan will screw it up.
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      Push or pull?

      Are you pushing or pulling the weld? With aluminum, a pushing technique puts the shielding gas out in front. Also, as mentioned, try moving faster. I have the PP+ and the Spoolmate 100 and they work great. But yes, it does take practice.