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Who are the moderators on this board now?

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  • Who are the moderators on this board now?

    Who are they?

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    I am assuming that AAMetalMaster still is. Cannot tell you if Fun4Now is doing it anymore or not. AskAndy shows as the moderator on the bottom of the main page. I don't know how much time he has to watch over it these days.
    I sorta feel like we have a bit more freedom over here and are more "self policing" than other welding forums since we all have more in common than most ie. love for Miller products in general.
    We get a few pricks here, but after time they begin to soften
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      I am still a mod/spam fighter here...Bob
      Bob Wright


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        This is a very well behaved forum compared to others I visit. Kudos to you guys! I liked the fact when I called tech line I actually spoke to one of the guys from here. "Always there" is a big reason we have 8 miller welders in house. Also listed an item for sale on here and have gotten to speak with a few of you via phone. One complaint to the tech guys though: Did you really have to show my welders the new air system for the hoods. Now they all want one!

        Thanks again!

        Miller Machine and Tool Co.


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          Originally posted by Dingus View Post
          This is a very well behaved forum compared to others I visit.
          Oh just wait, winter is rapidly approaching, and the know it all will be here telling us how wrong we are, and how great he is. He'll have everything in an uproar in short order.
          These are "my" views based only on “my” experiences in “my” little bitty world.


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            Hahahahaha...I think I work next to that guy senora!


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              Ok, I was just wondering since fun4now seems to have quit here. Thanks.