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Thinking about popping for a new DIGITAL ELITE hood. WORTH IT????

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  • Thinking about popping for a new DIGITAL ELITE hood. WORTH IT????

    I am thinking about popping for one of the new Miller Digital Elite hoods. Are they worth the $$?

    I need it quick, and I need to buy online (live way up in the mountains)..... any suggestions where to buy online for a super quick delivery?
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    I don't know anything about the delivery question. But, I used a new digital elite in the Miller Show Down and fell in love with it. I've been using a Jackson 3 in 1 since they first came out and found the Miller hood better.
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      i picked this deal up from weldfabulous as you can tell. i dont deserve to wear a helmet this nice. the price is right by itself but it comes with 50 bucks worth of extra gear in the box. lens covers, caps, side window covers.... then there is a mail in rebate for 20 dollars more worth of stuff from weldfabulous, more lens cover and sweatbands.


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        why not go with a Jackson?

        The top of the line Jackson sells for a little less than the miller, has better headgear, and uses standard 4x5 outside coverplates. Last time I saw them they were also made in USA! Miller's are either chinese or Korean.


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          Miller Elite

          I switched from a Jackson EQC to the Miller Elite Just last week. I had to upgrade, from a 2 top sensor helmet to a 4 sensor helmet (when welding around pipes mine was shutting off). I Love the Elite now! The headgear is comfortable, view screen is larger than my old Jackson, more shade adjustments, and grind mode. I do mostly TIG welding, so not having the standard cover plate is not an issue, I change it maybe every 2- 3 weeks. The pack that came with it should last 3 months or so. Miller seems to be a high end product that I would recommend to anyone!
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            Go for it!

            I really like the X- Mode and the fit of the headgear. My old Jackson would fall off whenever I bent over (maybe I have a wierd shaped head?) but the Miller fits great. Should of bought one years earlier.

            As far as where to buy, I got mine on-line but don't remember where. Got it for less than $300 with free shipping. Do a search........
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     is the place where I bought my Digital Elite.
              Quick Shipping, and solid online retailer.
              Bought tons of stuff through them.
              I use as well.

              With that said, The limitations of it regarding welding overhead, and odd lens size were enough to make me look for another one. Primarily all of my work was stick.

              I was a fan of the modes, and weight.
              But, the view / clarity to me was not clear. Could never get the detail I needed.
              I could never see the puddle / weld clearly enough....IMO
              Traded the helmet for some leads.

              And frankly I've been slightly disappointed with everything Miller I've ever touched outside of the Machines. I love the machines, and the safety glasses.

              I went to a $30 dollar Lincoln from Lowe's w/ big window, and back to my old Fibremetal pipeliner. Next one will likely be a speedglass or Optrel.

              So to answer your question no this product is not worth $300.
              my 2cents.


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                I just replaced my jackson EQC with one
                love it so far
                Backed my CATMA over your CARMA
                OOP"S clumsy me

                What would SATAN do ??

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                  Go Optrel-- they're lighter and more user friendly. The Sattelite or the E680 (just a wide screen version of the Satellite). Also they only use dual sensors, but have adjustable sensitivity along with two angle options. A switch inside the cover lense switches from 60 degree sensing for working at a bench to 120 degree for awkward or overhead applications)
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                    Oh and try for reasonable pricing and fast shipping
                    Big Blue 400D
                    Trailblazer 302
                    Miller S-32 suitcase
                    12VS suitcase
                    Lincoln LN-7 (BIG suitcase)
                    Victor torches
                    Lincoln 350MP with 35' push-pull gun
                    Lincoln PrecisionTIG 375
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                      I'd like to try one. I have the regular Elite and like the large window and extra lenses included in the package. I'd like to have some control over sunlight interference e.t.c. like the X-Mode has. Seems like every helmet should have the solar recharging feature. Seems like a no-brainer. Having said that, I've not had to change my battery in almost a year. I have had good experiences with They actually get in touch with you if something is going on with your order. Solid prices.



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                        I have had and used the Jackson, Hobart, Speedglas, and now the Miller Digital Elite. I do a fair amount of low current TIG using the settings in the Cut mode on the Elite. This helmet, by far, exceeds the performance of the others. WeldFabulous is where I got mine online.


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                          Anyone have the Jackson BOSS? 13 plus inch window!!??


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                            I just bought a D-elite. I am used to using a Miller performance hood and prefer it over the D-elite just for the fact that the performance never shut off. Today was my first day using the D-elite and I've been flashed several times because I'm not used to it shutting down. I truly wish I would have bought the regular Elite.



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                              I find it so dumb that you have to turn the helmet on I would be flashing myself all the time if I had an D-Elite. The miller lids feel pretty flimsy compared to mine, I've been running an Optrel Sateilte for almost 3 years and not a single issue. The buttons and grind mode being on the outside of the lid is the best feature of this helmet. I think all auto-darkening helmets should have external buttons in such, Makes sense and saves time/hassle. Plus the quick change outer protective lens is great too!