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Need an exciter armature for SA200

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  • Need an exciter armature for SA200

    Hi all,
    I bought an 1974 SA200 recently and am trying to get it together. This is my 4th SA200. I thought I was buying a machine that only needed a little work but this thing is more of a parts machine than anything else. SA200 machines are hard to come by in San Antonio at a decent price so I'm going to keep trying with this one.
    I need a good exciter armature for this machine. I've researched and I think I have 2 choices.
    1. Buy a good used armature.
    2. Have this one rewound.
    I'm leaning towards the rewinding choice. Does anyone know of a good place to have one rewound? Or where I can get a known good used one?

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    Contact hybiweld they make their own and the guy is a wealth of knowledge. I think they are about 350 bucks U.S. Jef


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        Check your thread over on WW.
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          Found one.