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Settings for Miller Regency 200 welding 6061 T6511 1/4 sq. tube.

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  • MindAsh
    Id love to know myself i have the same setup

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  • Settings for Miller Regency 200 welding 6061 T6511 1/4 sq. tube.

    Greetings all,

    I'm here because a few years back I picked up a Miller Regency 200 with tanks and Spoolmatic 3 gun at a garage sale...for $200., not that it matters I guess.

    Anyway, I've never got around to using it due to space contraints and the fact that I'm lucky enough to have walk-in-and-weld priviliges at a local shop.

    However, I'm doing a project at home now that the steel-only shop is no good for. I'm building a rectangular frame or box out of 5x5x1/4 6061 T6511 aluminum square tube, about 6 foot by 4 foot.

    Using my good old DeWalt-Craftsman radial arm saw (different garage sale, knock off a zero) I've cut the 45s on all eight ends of the square tube, and have bevelled them as close to 45 as I can get with my 1/4 router, leaving about a 1/16 shoulder for alignment contact.

    Does that sound about right for something like this?

    Now, I've got some .9mm 4043 wire that feeds well through the tip, a full tank of Argon, and my trusty Miller welding calculator/guide but I can't find out the basic connections and settings on the machine to get what I need! I've read the manual, but there's nothing that helps as far as I can see.

    Comments or suggestions would be appreciated!