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Small Wire Roll for Cricket XL

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  • Small Wire Roll for Cricket XL

    I have a Cricket XL, and I would like to have the option to run 2 lb , However as best I can tell this is ,,was not an option with these welders( only 10 lb rolls)
    Does anyone have an Idea how to convert it to use 2 lb rolls also


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    Hey Dave,
    I have a Miller Sidekick that is the same as the Cricket. I couldn't find an adapter for mine also, so I made this mod using some tubing, washers, spring, & locking nut. I had to use an inner tube & outer tube to be sure the spool did not wobble on the spool shaft. I had to cut the length of the tube so it was just inside the outer wall of the 2# spool so the outer washers could put drag pressure on the spool. I could have also lathe turned/drilled a piece of aluminum to use, but I had these tubes & they fit nicely. You need a fairly strong spring to add pressure, although nothing extreme. Hope thiis may give you some ideas.

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      You can make your own adapter like Denny did or you can order a set of small bushings to adapt the 4" spools. The part number is 135615 (this is a set of 2).
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        Thank both of you for your ideas...I think I will order the bushings,,,but I will also make the adapter