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Dynasty 300 DX intermittent arc start problem

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  • Dynasty 300 DX intermittent arc start problem

    Dynasty 300 dx sometimes when starting arc (foot control) AC orDC, I just get high freq arc only even with peddle depressed to max, then sometimes main arc starts okay.
    Grounded very good, lanthinated tungston,

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    Bad power cable. ( I am assuming that you have a water cooled torch )

    Disconnect the torch and use an ohm meter to measure the resistance from the tungsten to the dinse connector. If it is greater that 2 ohms - its bad.

    Sometime a bad cable will measure good on the first try. Move the head around with the meter connected and see if you can get the resistance to rise.


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      Try scratch starting the torch. Yes water cooled torches are known to break the power cable inside the hose and only allow HF to pass. If your torch can be scratch started every time you may have a problem with the HF starter pcb.
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        Thanks (everyone) for the trouble-shooting tips I'll check it out
        Yes it is a water cooled torch


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          "Dynasty 300 DX intermittent arc start problem" update

          I measured 0.5 ohms, wiggled the torch head and it is a solid 0.5 ohms, welded for 5 min. on ac then 5min on dc stopping and starting couldn't get it to mess up again.
          It is intermittent and rears its ugly head when I need it to continue working!!

          are there any points that need to be adj. on this unit or is everything fixed at the pc boards?
          Thanks again for your help.


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            Whats your preflow set to? Turn it up and see if that helps. Probably not, but maybe... Mine won't even start up the HF sometimes for some odd reason. Done it since new. Seems like touching the tungsten to the workpiece and then trying again helps that.
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