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  • Good deal or no?

    I've been out of the welding loop for a while, but I'm looking to get involved again and buy a mig. Found this older style "millermatic 150" on craigslist Is it worth what they're asking? And how thick of steel can I expect to weld with it? Thanks

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    I think it could do 1/4" steel for as the model indicates it is probably a 150 amp machine.

    Good deal or not? I would have to try it first just to ensure it has not been damaged, but I would elect to spend cash for a new liner or even new torch. I bet this machine did not cost more than $800 new, so $550 is too steep in my book. If I had worked with the machine, and liked it, I would offer $300 for the machine and the guy can keep the bottle, as it is probably needing a hydrotest.

    Also consider that it is beyond warranty.
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      Looks like a full size bottle, if that is the case it would be as valuable as the machine.


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        The owner's manual is available at this web site.

        Looks like its a smaller/cheaper miller with single roller drive. Gas bottle looks big, around here there is no one that will fill/exchange anything larger than an 80 cu ft bottle - everything larger has to be rented. So the bottle is only worth the amount of gas in it. Call around to gas suppliers and check their prices/policies - you will have to do that eventually anyway.

        As for the welder itself - it should be able to do 1/4". It only has 4 taps and I'm guessing unless you are doing sheet metal, you will use it at full power. Ultimately I'm not sure this machine is much better than some of the 110V machines out there. Its single drive wheel, older machine.

        Locally the asking price for Miller Migs (used) has been creeping up. I'm not sure what they are ultimately getting for the welders but there are idiots that are asking more than new prices. I assume they paid full retail and haven't checked current mail order pricing. That being said, I have seen 251s for $1100 (there is one now near Philly claiming a 'broken handle').

        Bottom line, this is a nitch welder, its only of use to a very limited group of people - do it yourselfers that are working on smaller projects. So there is not a big market for it. Pros tend to buy new, or close to new equipment and bigger, more featured machines. Assuming the welder feeds cleanly and welds well enough, I would low ball 'em. He said $550, probably hoping for $500, I wouldn't go higher than $400. He might not take $400 the first week, but give it 2 or 3 and he will.
        If that gas bottle is not usable, knock another $100 off.
        A lincoln 180 is $660 at Home Depot ready to go (with warranted but no gas).
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          I saw one in a pawn shop a few years ago and it went for 350 bucks with no bottle. It was the same case size of my MM185 and it was 220v. I think it was a great deal for someone. I just saw a MM185 in another shop and they wanted 1100 bucks for it almost what i payed for mine 11 years ago. The Millers are harder to find in the pawn shops compared to lots of other wire feeders/migs...Bob
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            Okay thanks for the advice guys, glad I asked because I thought it was a really good deal. I'll see if I can get a decent deal on it and if not I'll keep watching craigslists and the local pawn shops, my real issue has been that the majority of the welders I find are 3 phase but we only have single phase power at the house :/


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              I have a MM150 and run .030 wire and very seldom use tap 4 as it seems to splatter to much for the wire size. I started with co2 and then switched to 75/25 and still use the same #2 or # 3 taps and have welded up to 1/2" steel some and mostly 3/8" and less. I have had it over ten years and it has always worked well for me. I have not replaced a single part other than tips. I paid $630 new.
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                Well Monty, if you're welding up 1/2" steel with a 150A mig, then you must be capable of welding up 2" plate with that MM252.
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                  Not sure what part of OK you are in... but



                  and I know you said MIG, but look at this... Holy cow...
                  $1200 with digital gauges.....

                  and if you have lots of cash burning a hole in your pocket:
                  Con Fuse!
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                  Millermatic 350P
                  -Spoolmatic 30A

                  Hypertherm PowerMax 1000G3
                  Miller Multimatic 200 - awesome portable MIG (and stick and TIG)
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                    Well I got my mig situation taken care of, its a red one though. My grandpa found out the control board in my fire feed went bad and that I'm starting a night welding class so he took upon himself to go buy me a lincoln 255xt(I was arguing with him the whole time, I absolutely hate getting things handed to me). We looked at the blue ones(miller obviously lol) but I'm not a fan of the autoset and the next model bigger without autoset was what I believe a "millermatic 252" model but the lincoln 255 was about $125 cheaper and had a 115 inverter in the back to run grinders off of along with burn back, spot weld, and run in settings. The only issues are that now I have to learn to adjust burn back and run in settings, the most advanced migs I've used have only had the digital display for wire speed and voltage nothing more, this is all greek to me now lol. So there's my rambling


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                      You don't have to use the Auto Set feature on the Millers
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