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4 1/2 Walmart grinder

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  • 4 1/2 Walmart grinder

    I bought a Walmart B&D for my pickup, used it only a little there but the other day bought another one for the shop bench where they get worked hard. It doesnt have paddle switch which I preffer but worked the snot out of it today sharpening some heavy brush hog blades, it really flies, I am impressed. I like it as well as the Milwaukee I am currently using, actually more comfortable. For 30$ I am tempted to buy another one before they change it, ha. I am going to run it just to see how long it lasts, another guy on welding forum said he has one he worked hard for a year so far and its still going strong. At 30$ I am not fixing them, toss it and get another.
    Its smooth and has a lot of power.
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    sberry, dont tell anyone, but i have 4 of those lil 30 buck grinders... 2 ive had for about a year and they started to lag a little, took the gear box cover off and got some grease in it and off they goin again...... but remember...dont tell anyone, i dont want anyone to think that im not a real welder and dont run metabo or 13 amp dewalts

    jokin aside, they are decent lil grinders for the price... i bought a new ridgid mid handle grinder te other day... it's real nice for shaping and smoothing with a flap disc, just it doesnt have the grunt that those lil b&d's have

    nothing fancy, just a few hot glue guns for metal


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      I used it about a dozen times today, hear it running now. This was the first chance I had to really bear down on it and see what kind of poop it really had. Since most of the stuff is made in China anyway today I figured to really look for cheap, as good or better than a Bosch I had I was never really all that impressed with. I really liked the feel of the DeWalts and the old B&D's but they didn't hold up that well, I figured WTF give these a shot for giggles.


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        me too

        I've used them for a couple years now on small pipe. In addition to being durable their nice and light. Ted


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          the secret is out, made in China isnt always garbage

          Hello all, I have to say i agree 100% with this thread so far. I have used a couple of these cheaper grinders and tried to kill them and they are still running. I figured much like you guys , for 30 bucks , why not try one. Much to my amazement some are actually better than the Dewalts or Makitas i have had in the past. and for the money you can almost buy 4 for the price of one. You do get what you pay for in some things , but these small grinders are a bit of a bonus.
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            I would not say that Made in China is not garbage. It's just the fact that even the big names with expensive prices are also made in China now. Do you want $30.00 worth of garbage or $130.00 worth of garbage?
            Sometimes there's no second chances.


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              Well, I guess that was kind of my point.


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                Don't mind me, I was just ranting. I was a big fan of the " red tools " until they sold out. It's getting harder and harder to find tools in the hand held power tool class, such as grinders that are not all made in China regardless of brand. I would still like to have other options, price not a factor.
                Sometimes there's no second chances.


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                  MSC has a special on Milwaukee 7 amp 4 1/2 grinder. 138 bucks for 3 of them. I bought 6


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                    4 in. grinder

                    I prefer the 4 inch grinders which are getting harder to find. HF sells them for about $14-$17 on sale-I find they last about 8 mo.-1 year. I just toss them when they quit.