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Problems with SS RMD/Pulse

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  • Problems with SS RMD/Pulse

    Have this on the AWS forum, but ill try here as well.

    Been having some problems with our axcess 450 and im finally fresh out of ideas, need some new minds to look at the issue. Problem is only when running SS wire in RMD and accu-pulse programs. With a fresh contact tip it will weld perfectly; stable arc, low spatter, good bead shape ect. Usually after about 2ft of weld, it starts to arc inside the contact tip. Sometimes it runs great for a hour or so, sometimes a tip wont work at all. You can feel the gun bucking and see the wire spring out of the tip as you are welding. I can pull the wire out and see the arc marks on it so I know thats the problem. It only does this with SS, I can weld steel .035 with the same gun and tips with zero issues. I also checked the wire, its dead on at .035 Heres the details.

    Axcess 450 w/axcess feeder. Avesta 316L wire .035. Tweco gun with brand new proper size tweco tips. Running RMD with tri-mix on the HE-90 program (told by miller engineer it wouldnt be a problem) 150-240 WFS, 48-55 arc control 36-40 arc adjust. Accu-pulse w/tri-mix on tri-mix program, same settings. 15' torch with new liner, volt-sense lead is uncoiled and attatched (though I have never seen it make a difference on or off) Ground and all connections are solid. Welding on 16ga tube and sheet.

    My only other play left is to get a new gun altogether and see if that helps, but I wanted to make sure there isnt something I am missing before I have the boss go shell out the change for that. Like I mentioned it does function sometimes and when it does it leaves some beautiful beads. I need to get this machine working so we can switch our welding from TIG to MIG and save some serious time+money.

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    My bet would be either on a bad gun or check and make sure your ground cable isn't damaged or undersized...
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      I'd be more inclined to say that the wire is expanding at a greater speed than the tip. That would explain alot. Try a 038(made for aluminum wire use) tip. Problems should vanish.
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