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how to prevent thick stainless from warping?

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  • how to prevent thick stainless from warping?

    I have to bid on some frames built from 8"X8"x3/4" 304 stainless angle. The problem is that no one makes it. I have talked to the customer, and the engineer will let us fab the angle from plate. My concern is major warping from full pen welds on s.s. this thick. Anyone have any ideas or exp. with this? Thanks.

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    Can you brake(or is it break) the 3/4'' plate.
    Good Luck,

    BTW my experince with SS is it likes to move around.
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      SS Angle

      Everyone wants to stay busy and likes to bid but this is really not your problem that if they don't make that size angle.

      Is it possible the Engineer could do his job and spec material that is purchasable This happens more than you might think.
      Just because a shape might be mentioned in a structural handbook doesn't mean the mills are going to make it
      Suggest an alternative but make the Engineer take the responsibility for it. better yet let then Engineer come up with his own alternative.
      This really isn't your problem unless you want to try and weld that 3/4" open corner - calculate how much it's going to cost to weld just in filler metal alone. last box of 308 3/32 I bought was $150
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        Not to mention that plate is usually tweeked a little anyway. This is usually due to how the metal supplier stores and handles it, but it is just how it is. I suspect you will be fighting warpage even before you start welding. Makes for some tough fabricating. I second what Hillbilly69 said, If the engineer will come up with an alternative it would be better.
        Sometimes there's no second chances.


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          Seems like it works this way. The engineer that has never made anything says it and "WE" the makers of things say "OK" Even when we know there will be a problem.

          Like Hillbilly says, let the engineer either come up with an alt. or sign off on the fact when it is fabricated there will be warpage TBD.

          Just don't screw yourself, make sure of all the cost and risk.

          good luck
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            I have tried to get them to change, but until I give a price and they change it I have to be able to hold up my end. We do tons of stainless, tig,mig and stick- but I feel there is no way to keep something like this straight without a machining operation in the end. There is money in this job to do it. I was wondering if anyone has had to do something like this. The plate and water jet cutting alone is around $6,000.00.


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              i had to build a sign for disney in florida once. They wanted the main beam of this sign to be out of 12 x 12 square tube 3/8 wall. Nobody makes that! Anyway, their alternative as to take rectangle tubing and stack it just so to make 12 x 12 with fully welded seams. it being aluminum, it twisted up like a pretzel... What i ended up doing was i got the aluminum hot an kept it under constant heat. I tacked the peices together, and using a ton of clamps, welded an inch here then an inch over there.... Keeping the heat on using some rose buds and a few flunkies. After i FINALLY got it welded up, i left the clamps and holds on and lt it cool over night. Next day, i had to heat/quench a few places to get it all straight... Then disney paid me for labor and material that i had so far then changed the design altogether!!!

              The next design was out of 8 x 8 half inch wall square because they found someone that would extrude some for them...

              Oh yeah, i forgot to metion that 12 x 12 contraption sat at the shop for a year until i took it to scrap... Got paid
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              nothing fancy, just a few hot glue guns for metal