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Syncrowave 250-No remote amperage control

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    congratulations.... and best of luck fighting the learning curve of the art of TIG

    nothing fancy, just a few hot glue guns for metal


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      I have a snyc 350 that just started acting up with the pedal not working. im sure as most would guess, its the most likely suspect, since it gets drop
      kicked and stuff set on the cord all the time. I took my time and did some research that led me here, and after ohming out the pedal and wiring, found
      that 300 bucks I would have spent would have been for nothing. cruiser nailed it right on the head. the moldex 5 pin connector had insufficient solder
      to connect the connector pins to the circuit board that goes to the pin out connector. funny enough, I did have the 24v and 10 signals at the pedal, but not
      enough connection to make it work. thanks cruiser, and everybody else that helped point me in the right direction. it works fine now.


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        I have a syncrowave 350 (KA 828057) with the same problem, "no remote amperage control". I tried 2 different rfcs-14hd and same issue. Using the schematic inside the machine, I took wire # 110 to my ohm meter thru to wire #106 at the PC board and have 1K ohms with the petal up and 0 Ohms with the petal down. That's with the rfcs-14hd hooked up and switch on the machine set to "remote", I think it's a board problem. Where can I find a good schematic of the board and the location of the op-amp and it's part number ???
        Any help would be appreciated !!