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Have a MM135... looking for a used MM to gain capacity

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  • Have a MM135... looking for a used MM to gain capacity

    I have a Millermatic 135 and am very happy with it.
    I thought about selling it and buying the MM211.
    But I have also thought of buying a used MM185, MM210, etc to gain capacity without letting go of the MM135.
    It seems like there is some magic line where in you pay X number of dollars for a used Miller Mig say $800... When I say... I should have sold my MM135 and just bought the MM211.
    I'm looking at a MM185 on Ebay now... If I could get it for $500 that would make some sense.
    The real question, is the capacity of the MM185 pushable to 3/8" steel so that buying the unit would be worth it?
    1+1 =2 or 1+1 =1 1/2?
    The MM211 seems to hold some good ground in terms of capacity and price...
    Sorry... just thinking out loud.
    Thanks for any input....
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    The MM185 can handle 3/8" but that is its top end so if yer gonna feed it a steady diet move up a class.

    You can look up the specs in the manual under the Tab "Resources"

    It is a more robust machine than the MM180
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      Since you already have the portable 110v MM135, I would go with a 220v shop mig with some real [email protected], like a MM210/212 or 251/252.
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        I have a MM185 and i too would go up a notch or two if you are going to do lots of 3/8" plate. I do lots of small heavy plate jobs but i know the machines limits...Bob
        Bob Wright


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          MM 185 for $850

          I am looking at a MM 185 for sale. It has never been used and comes with gas cylinder, cart, and the regular stuff for $850! I too want something bigger but not sure just what! Trouble is that i have been trying to sell my Lincoln Weldpak 5000HD and it isn't goin anywhere soon!!!!


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            The MM 185 and MM 211 are going to give you roughly the same top end output power level. The MM 185 will have the higher duty cycle; whereas, the MM 211 is will offer a higher level of adjustability. I really don't consider either unit a good option for 3/8" steel.

            If I were looking for a used Miller unit for 3/8" and thinner, a MM 210 or MM 212 ( 7 V tap version) would be the smallest unit I'd be considering. A MM 251 or Vintage would be at the top of my list though.
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