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    Originally posted by Blondie_486 View Post
    You missed her point!
    No, I didn't!


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      Originally posted by yorkiepap View Post
      Hey Miss Jina,
      Wow! You join a male-oriented forum & "strut-your-stuff" indicating you can shame 30yr veteran weldors. Nice start for a 21 yr old snot-nosed wet-behind-the ears gender-suffering female. Good beginning to befriend the "seasoned" weldors who post here to share & teach you newbies/youngsters the myriad of welding techniques & problem-solving encountered in a career.

      1) You need to re-read my initial response..... There was nothing chauvinistic nor sarcastic in my response.... just a simple suggestion. You interpreted what YOU thought to justify your gender-identity crisis.

      2) You cannot correct me for anything. There is nothing I indicated that you submitted a design. My wording suggested you enter.

      3) Since you indicate "they may have 99% male customers", I would surmise that is because that is where the PROFIT is......duuuhhhh! No company can survive with a 1% sales volume.

      4) You quote: "There is no NEED to have gender identification", yet that is what your entire post/response tirade has been about.

      5) You are sadly misinformed if you think "women are taking over male dominated fields", missy. There are welding jobs alone that no woman can handle, let alone other physically-demanding careers..... your BS won't fly there.

      6) Oh, of course, & there's: "Not to mention, I've put some supposedly "30-year experienced" men to shame when it comes to welding." Really nice way to earn the respect of the "seasoned" vets here who give away decades of a wealth of knowledge to help the youngsters/newbies get better by listening to some "wisdom". Oh, you may have to look that word up in the dictionary so you have an understanding.

      7) Your diatribe: "Women can do the same job, and even better in some cases." is absolutely ridiculous. For you to make such a mindless statement simply indicates your childish manners & probably Liberal upbringing. If you want to illuminate all we members of those jobs, please do so. You need to learn how to project your insinuations with FACTS, missy.

      8) Yes, we "baby-boomers" are retiring from the workforce, but not from our love of welding.....quite the contrary. It's the "baby-boomers" that built this tremendous industrial nation we serve...... if you can comprehend somewhat. Yes, times ARE changing.....& not looking to the better with the last two generations of coddled, illiterate, lazy, & gender-crisis individuals.

      9) Since you are so fabulous at welding, the least you can do is to post some pics of your repairs, projects, designs, & all the processes you proclaim to be so adept at.

      Now that you have alienated some real talent here, I'm sure you will not need any guidance from any of we "seasoned" gents.

      She isn't as keen on SMAW but she blows me out the water with her TiG and MiG flux core skills.

      Chill out old timer. She's jumping in the game and trying to make a name for herself. As am I. She came to my class and taught me more in a day than I did from our ****ty program in a year. She's very knowledgeable on what she's talking about and she won't let naysayers get in the way.

      And stop hating on our generation, I'm sure your elders said the same spiel about your generation. There have been a ridiculous amount of changes in the last 60 years. When my father was in college he used a ****ing slide rule. Ask any random younger person what that it and they will have no idea what you are talking about. when you were in your prime a computer took up the space of an entire floor in an office building. Now we got em' so small they can fit in the palm of your hand.

      The world has experienced some rapid changes of the last few decades. Sure I see how lazy our generation has become but that doesn't mean there are still people who are willing to do the hard work to succeed. There will ALWAYS be the stupid people that will ruin it for a lot of others just by being their stupid selves, go flap your lips and sling your spittle on them. Not this girl, she's a hard worker and determined person. I wish I took some more pictures of her welds while she was at our shop but I can't give you the proof that you so desperately need, just my word that she is as hot as her welds, smokin' hot.

      Don't tell D-Rock Jina.


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        i went to work in a custom fab shop a few years ago. one of the weldors on staff is female. a VERY talented girl as far as welding goes. we had a few hundred snow plows to build for a certain railroad company and she was doing the fit up and tack, i welded them out... after a few days, we were talking at break and she asked me if i thought any less of her for being female.... nope, i said, then she asked me if i thought less of her for being g a y.... nope.... told her that i didnt blame her, cause i like girls too.... (had to drop a little humor there)

        jina, i dont mean any disrespect for saying this but here it is....... it does NOT matter your gender in this industry, your attitude WILL keep you from getting the jobs and recognition that you want. i have hired female weldors in the past and helped them get started out on their own with customer base and all.

        there are 2 sayings that apply for this..... first... a woman must work twice as hard as a man simply because if she fails, they will not say that "she" didnt have what it takes, but females dont have what it takes.....

        second..... proof is on the pudding.... dont tell me, show me.

        if you pulled up on a jobsite around here with an attitude of "i am woman, hear me roar" and expect to be given pardon for that, you are SADLY mistaken and will likely be run off. ALL of my customers use me and my peeps not because we are special or that i dont employ gender or race specifics, it is simply because the proof is in the pudding. i WONT put someone on a job if their welds arent up to par.

        as for denny's post about the 1 or 10% economics, it is a sad world, but..... i cant support my family targeting the 1 through 10% sales.... i GOTTA have that 90%...dig?

        as for another story... i went to a quarry to weld... zone work... at the beginning of every day, we had to take a welding test, if you didnt pass that day, you didnt weld. there was a female, she showed EVERY day and passed the testing every time but was not given a spot inside. after 3 weeks of her showing everyday, they had a small turn out and they had no choice but to let her in to fill a slot... i want you to know that she is that quarry's CWI and job foreman now...

        moral of that story is this.... the only reason she was even considered for that position was through perseverance, skills, and a willingness to learn and work NOT BECAUSE SHE WAS FEMALE

        we worked together on a zone one day, we are still friends and chat from time to time...

        if you were to ask her if a man could do her job better, she would say this "there is ALWAYS someone out there that can do my job better, thats why i work so dang hard at bettering myself so they cant have my job" was that statement gender specific?

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          and not to stir up a fire any worse, but i have had several peeps apply for jobs with me... claiming to have gone to whoever or whatever welding school... if i were to give them a job simply based on that, then i am sure there are a few bridges around the U.S. that would have failed by now...

          one person in particular came from a welding school in oklahoma, showed me paperwork too. i walked them over to a machine and spun the knobs all to 0.... asked them to give me a 5/16 fillet using .035 MIG... said person asked me where i had the dials set at.......... booooooooo...........after i helped them set the machine up (i was in a nice guy mood that day, i guess) they ran a 1/2 inch fillet.... i didnt hire them simply because they couldnt follow instructions. 85% of the stuff going through my shop is blueprint spec'd and bid (not hourly) work. it must be nothing more and nothing less than exactly what is called for

          moral of that one is just because you went to an accredited school for welding does not constitute an adept ability to weld in the real world..... sometimes you gotta eat crow before you get to eat the steak
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          nothing fancy, just a few hot glue guns for metal


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            jina, trying to bash your ideals into my head via pm doesnt work any better.... i am not an unfriendly, just trying to help. however, keep it up and you will find that you will have alienated most of the brain power on this forum and wont get a decent reply from anyone.

            nothing fancy, just a few hot glue guns for metal


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              The best thing to do is just ignore this young lady. It is sad that she just does not like any negative response and has anger toward anyone that disagrees with her. She also sent me a pm expressing herself. Just let her go her way.

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                She isn't the first and likely wont be the last that the basic persistence of showing up every day paid off when someone else didn't show up.
                after 3 weeks of her showing everyday, they had a small turn out and they had no choice but to let her in to fill a slot


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                  i just had that 80s movie flashdance pop into my head.


                  she just has a black helmet with Alex written on it.
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                    I'm a little reticent to jump back into this fray, but here goes.

                    My comment about the percentage of sales did not in any way refer to TOTAL sales. Obviously, at 1% sales, the operation won't last long.

                    My reference was to ADDITIONAL sales. It has proven to be a small but viable niche. For those who do not wish to partake in such "minor", insiginificant sales, well all the better for those that do. Afterall, competition is good, but only for the other guy, er person? (Sorry, another old guy thats not too big on the PC thing.)

                    I apologize if that wasn't made clear.


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                      Children.... Play nice


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                        Only trash I've seen here is this! This is totally uncalled for!
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                          Originally posted by fdcmiami
                          there are some real dim bulbs on this board besides jina. look closely, read and think.

                          that is a PM from Jina to me. it was in my mailbox; jina is unaware of the ability to cut and paste information. not surprising. some of you should know better. does the message look like it was written by a 59 year old white guy. not hardly baby.

                          christ, wake up.
                          Ummm we got the fact of who the author was, but to copy it into a public forum was uncalled for.
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                            Originally posted by walker View Post
                            The angel fire clothes and gloves look nice, but they are likely too expensive for what they are, and too hot to wear here in the desert. I would much rather see denim with leather wear patches on it.
                            Good Luck
                            Angelfire not only look nice & fit but they are also quality. They are made out of 9oz FR material and the hybrid's leather is pigskin. As for price, the canvas coat is $24.99 and the leather sleeve pigskin is about $50.00. Most places also offer a student discount on PPE.