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new guy w/211 and spoolgun

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  • new guy w/211 and spoolgun

    Hi, I'm a new hobbyist welder. I just got a new 211 Miller Mig with a spoolmate 100 spoolgun. I'm trying to weld 1/4 aluminum and have done about 70 inches so far, but have melted 10 tips. I have the voltage set at 10 (max) and the wire speed at 90 (almost max). My welds seem to be good, good penetration, when I'm welding, but then I'll notice my wire stops feeding and my tip is melted. Does anybody have any suggestions as to what I'm doing wrong? I'm using .030" wire. Too much heat? Too slow? Too close?

    John... in California, waiting for new tips

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    1/4" to 1/2" stickout???

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    How much stickout do you have? You should maintain a 1/4" to 1/2" stickout generally. If you weld with the contact tip too close, you will melt the tips!

    The above link will provide useful info for that kinda stuff!


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      Thanks Sammy, I would have to say my stickout is about 1/2", and I am pushing instead of pulling.


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        maybe use a a little longer stick out. do you pull away before you release the trigger at the end of your weld? try adjusting the settings to see if it helps. i had the same problem at work. i lowered the heat and used a longer stick out and never did it again.
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          Originally posted by John Williams View Post

          John... in California, waiting for new tips
          I had the same problem with my 3035 spoolgun when i first got it. If someone had offered me 5 bucks for the thing they would have been dragging it home. Then i changed from the small tip to a standard Miller mig gun tip and never looked back. And i never have to wait for a 12 dollar pack of tips or stock 6 different tip sizes (spoolgun and mig gun) My gun to me is the top of the line and i never had anymore problems with melting tips, ever...Bob
          Bob Wright


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            I'm not sure what you are using but you'll want to hold a 1/2" to 3/4" tip to work distance on aluminum. Assuming you are running 4043 wire your parameters are in line with the door chart (10/90) but you may have to fine tune the wirespeed and/or voltage if you are having issues.

            One other thing you may want to consider if the duty cycle of the gun itself. If you are making long welds or alot of short welds in a short period of time you may just be overheating the tips.
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              Here's another fix that was given to me by my guys at Modern Welding Supply in Evansville, and it worked for me. You need to make sure the “Drive Roll Pressure Adjustment” is not too tight. If the drive roll pressure is too tight as it was in mine (but worked great for flux core wire), the softer aluminum wore will lose its cast and straighten out. As a straight wire, it will not make the necessary contact with the contact tip (which supplies the energy to the wire when the trigger is pulled). In my case, the wire did not become energized until it hit the work causing it to flex back through the contactor tip. When the flex caused it to finally make contact within the contact tip, the arc would “snap” across the wire back into the tip thus clogging or even melting the tip. I backed the drive roll pressure WAY off (see page 17 in the Owner’s Manual), and then reset it per the directions in the manual. (The manual says, “Drive roll pressure is preset for .030/.035aluminum wire.” Mine was not. Mine was way too tight.) Once I got this fixed, I didn’t have another problem.


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                Originally posted by wackem View Post
                Here's another fix that was given to me by my guys at Modern Welding Supply in Evansville, and it worked for me. You need to make sure the “Drive Roll Pressure Adjustment” is not too tight.
                WELCOME and great point...Bob
                Bob Wright