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    Originally posted by welder_one View Post
    i have taken a pin the size of the barrel eye and welded it to the welding table, set the barrel eye on that pin (so it cant turn) used a small mini-excavator to hold the cylinder down on the table and used a back hoe or forklift on a 48 inch pipe wrench on that lil bit o 1/4 inch gland stickin out.... chewed it up so well, that even if it came out, it would have to be machined where ya at, oleblu.... there are several hydraulic shops here, but only 1 that i would trust with MY cylinders... and it might be worth it to ship that cylinder... just a thought...

    whats this cylinder off from anyway? i might have a few layin around that would be sold for cheap (hint, hint)

    Well Welder one I'm from Fowler Ohio its a few miles north of Youngstown an ex steel making town.
    The cyl is off a 1980 580C Case backhoe I use around the garage nothing to important but it is nice to have.
    I thought about welding a couple of nuts to the flange on the gland then making a tool and then thread bolts into the nuts then I won't have to worry about the wrench slipping off like it always does.
    I wonder what shipping would be on a cylinder coming from Arkansas? I had Greyhound ship a couple of front fenders for my 55 that came from Georgia with good results and it was only a third of the cost that UPS would have charged.



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      i will call r and n on monday to check about a cylinder for that machine... if not, then i have a couple old drinkin buddies that manage the parts department at the local case dealership.... would it be possible for you to pm me the serial number and group number of that machine?

      i dont have the cylinder you need and i wouldnt worry too much about shipping.....

      nothing fancy, just a few hot glue guns for metal


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        A trick I've used in the past for various hardened pin replacements. Use a high quality allen wrench appropriately sized, in your case a 5/16 or 8mm, turn grinding, cut to length. Also if pin requires bonding to component, I prefer soldering vs. welding. Less heat required as not to corrupt temper.
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