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cp-300 welder(const voltage power source) 460v vs 480v

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  • cp-300 welder(const voltage power source) 460v vs 480v

    we have aquired a cp-300 mig, serial JK614003, stock 902931 , for our mech maint shop. The spec plate indicates 200/230/460 volts 3 phase of course. Our electrical panel is 480 v 3 phase. Will this welder work powered from a 480v panel tapped for 460 v. ? appreciate advice.

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    Some people call the voltage: 110,115, or 120, then 220,230,240 which gives rise to 440,460, and 480.

    On page 8 show the jumper posititons.

    Good Luck
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      thanks miller, i'll check the actual voltage, I checked the jumpers and they are on the 460 taps. I'll get back later. thanks again.


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        You will not have a problem. I do believe It is + or - 10%.
        460 volts plus 46 volts is 502 volts. max.
        I have seen these unit run all day long on 480 to 490 volts.
        Where you will have a problem is with a 575 volt machine run on 480.
        the contactor coils will short out from to much current. caused by low voltage.
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          I powered up our welder last night , and it cooks just fine. Thanks guys for the input. Jim