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    Does anybody know what a good chop saw would be. I'm looking at getting one but not sure of what brand to go with.

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    Are you looking for an abrasive chop saw or one of the newer dry cut types?
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      We bought the Milwaukee dry cut saw late last year and have been very happy with it. The blade has almost 2K cuts and is still sharp. Recently we mounted the saw to a Delta miter saw/planer stand with a lazy Susan bearing under it so we can rotate the saw for cutting angles. The stand quickly folds into a hand truck configuration for moving with the saw still attached, for easy transport to the job site. Search my posts for pictures of the saw and stand.

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        I've had good results with the Milwaukee saw as well .
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          I've got the Milwaukee (6190-20), too. I'm still on my first blade, and it's done a lot of cutting.

          I would never go back to an abrasive wheel.
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            go with a good band saw
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              Originally posted by BC Iron works View Post
              go with a good band saw
              ooooooo I want one...
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                I have two Dewalts cold cut, one set at 90* and the other at 45*.
                They are made of stamped steel and the fence is not perfectly straight. I heard they fixed that, don't know for sure.
                The clamping system is poor, and when the iron comes loose it takes lots of teeth off the blade. About 100 each. They can be repaired, new carbide tips welded on and resharped.
                Look long and hard at the other brands first.
                On the bright side the Dewalt can cut 4" sch 40 PVC really nice and fast too.
                Good Luck
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                  the band saw is quiet and you can walk away from it
                  as its cutting it will turn off when its done
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                    I've got the Evolution Raptor dry cut saw and I love it! The fence stays fairly square to the blade, and the clamp is not too bad for a saw in this price range. If you are really a stickler for quality of build and accuracy, then you will have to step up to a true liquid cooled cold saw. They cost about as much as a used Toyota. If you decide to go with an abrasive saw, I've used both the Dewalt and Milwaukee and they both performed well for saws in that class.
                    Sometimes there's no second chances.


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                      I have a Milwaukee 14" on the truck and a Makita 14" in the shop. Both are several years old and they've both been excellent chop saws.
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                        the dewalt dry cut is not even on the same page as the milwaukee. That milwaukee cuts straighter, faster, quieter, and cleaner that a milwaukee.

                        I like the band saw but for single cuts, or multiple small cuts I go with the chop saw.


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                          So you think the Milwaukee is better than the Milwaukee? I was thinking about getting the Milwaukee but I guess I won't now. I will get the Milwaukee
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                            Don't you just love these forums?

                            OP, who's a new poster, comes on the board and asks for recommendations on brands of "chop saws". To me, that would indicate that he probably has a saw in mind in the $100-$200 range, since that's where most "chop saws" fall.

                            Several posters point out the difference in cut quality between the abrasive cut saws and the newer "dry cut" saws. Although a little of a reach from the OP's original question, I can easily see the comparison.

                            Then, along comes ol BC Iron works, who just last week blasted Miller for not providing him enough with enough bandwidth to "post his photos". His recommendation is that the OP go out and buy a $1,500+ bandsaw. Then posts photos bragging about "his saw". Then, on top of that, posts a second time showing "cuts" from his saw. BIG FREAKING DEAL. Nowhere do I remember the OP asking for recommendations for chop saw vs bandsaw.

                            Just seems unfortunate to me that Mr BC didn't avail himself of the opportunity to GTFO when shown the door in his previous posting. Bite the hand that feeds you, but come back for more right away.

                            Oh well. Just my .02.
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                              Good decision

                              Nice work pointing out that nothing is better than milwaukee except milwaukee.

                              I don't understand the dewalt fetish that a lot of people have. They are great at marketing, not so great at power tools imo.

                              Cold cut milwaukee is best.
                              Abrasive, the higher priced milwaukee is OK, so is the Makita.
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