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AEA 200LE Wiring Question

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  • AEA 200LE Wiring Question

    I own an AEA 200LE model number HE740915 and need help regarding two areas. My dad took the welder apart a couple years ago to rebuild it and I'm trying to get it back into one piece.

    First, the three position throttle control is missing the springs and I need help getting more. How do they attach? There is also a valve a little below this area between the throttle control and the carb with a small spring, how does this valve hook up? This valve appears to move upward from a horizontal position to a vertical position (90 degrees).

    Second, there are two wires near the rectifier that are unattached. They are numbered #38 and #39. Where to these two wires attach?

    Thanks for any help,

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    Matt I can't help with the mechanical questions since I swapped the Onan for a Kohler years ago but I will see if I have a wiring diagram for your ser number. If not I will see where the wires attach on mine if you show me a pic of the area.


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      Matt, you may want to try downloading the owners manual for your particular serial number machine off of Miller's web site. It may have the wiring diagrams and info that may help you out. Be sure and use your serial number to get the correct manual in pdf form. Good luck!
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        I have the wiring diagram that came off of Miller's website. It doesn't seem to be much of a help. The wires are shown but I cannot distinguish where they belong.

        Here are the pictures of the area.

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          Wires 38 and 39 are the battery charge voltage circuit with wire 39 coming from the stator charge winding going to the overload circuit breaker and wire 38 going from the CB to the rectifier diode. If the wires are just hanging loose then the circuit breaker was removed for some reason. At least I can't see it in your photos.

          Can't help you on the throttle issue but if you contact TJ at I'm sure he can help you out.
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