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MIG gas flow gauge replacement?

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  • MIG gas flow gauge replacement?

    Well, I dropped my regulator and busted the Flow Gauge face off. Can I replace just that Gauge, or do I have to replace the entire assembly? If I can get just the Gauge, where can it be bought? Thanks!!

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    If its Victor, Smith, Harris, it shouldn't be a problem. If your LWS can't order the part they should be able to send it out for rebuild (to someone who can order the part).

    If its a really cheap import - My local LWS was taking in old regulators for trade-in for Victor regulators (a few bucks off). They had a whole bin full of old junk regulators (maybe a flow meter or two), they let me pick through it for a cover plate for my flow meter (clear cover over pressure gauge).

    If its cheap enough, might consider just buying a new cheap one. For some reason $35 stands out in my mind for rebuild service. But that was many moons ago.

    Edit: Ouch, looking around the web I see someone offering to rebuild for $75.... Maybe that was more moons than I care to remember. I actually just threw out the receipts - 15 years old - wish I read them more carefully.

    Double Edit: That $75 was for a 2-stage regulator. Don't think you need/want/have that.
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