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7/8" polished ss tubing

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  • 7/8" polished ss tubing

    Does anyone know a good source for a couple of feet of stainless 7/8" tubing ? It's for a repair job on some boat rail. I'd also like to get about a foot of the same type material that will fit the I.D. It needs to be polished tubing. All you marina repair guys chime on in you know who you are.Thanks
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    A couple of feet may pose some problem. Mostly sold by the length.
    I don't buy it as of now but is where I go for my stuff. I don't think they have any stainless tho.
    You might check out
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        PM me a mailing address and I'll get it off to you. Probably got 300' on hand.

        I'll also include a length of 3/4" which will work fine for an insert.

        PS. If you have a West Marine close by, they also sell it it 8' or 10' lengths. Problem is you would have to buy a whole stick of both 7/8" and 3/4". Not sure they stock 3/4" on a regular basis. I don't normally stock 3/4" but I've got quite a bit that I've salvaged from smaller boat bimini top frames. It's what I use for joining 7/8".

        If you'd like, I'll also include a dab of solar flux. You'll need to mix it with methanol alcohol. Takes the place of purging, which can be difficult on a boat railing.
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