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    Good morning all,
    I'ts been a while since my last post and I have a problem with my Spectrum 701. It strats up ok and will pilot arc, but it will not transfer to the cutting arc. I thought it might be a bad ground lead (it wasn't the best) so I replaced
    it all the way back to the machine, but it still won't transfer. While I had the covers off, I looked at the PC boards and didn't notice any burns or blown components. I unpluged all the connections on the boards and replugged them in, but still no cutting arc. The torch is in good condition and I have replaced all the consumables. The S/N is KK189397 and it is connected for 230 1 phase. The air pressure comming to the machine is 150 psig and the flow pressure is about 72 psig. It doesn't matter if it is set on expanded metal or tip saver. Thanks for any help!

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    When I had my 701 that same thing happened to mine. I discovered that if I just backed off (unscrewed) my cup just a little bit it worked perfectly. If I left the cup tight it wouldn't work. After I discovered this I used it for years like it and it worked great. Try it. Good luck.
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