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Troubleshooting Miller Spectrum 2050

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  • Troubleshooting Miller Spectrum 2050

    Mabey you guys can help me with a problem im having with my plasma cutter. As the title states I have a Miller Spectrum 2050 and am having some problems.

    The problem is that it will not start an arc when I pull the trigger anymore. The power light is on, the ready light is on. I have checked the air pressure, its good the only thing that i can think of is that mabey the stinger is bad. One other thing is that when i used to power it up the fan would come on for a second or two and the stinger would let pressure out which it does not do anymore.

    Any help you could give would be great.


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    After you have verified the pressure is where it should be with air flowing - you can force this condition by turning current to zero - check for 400 volts on each of the two large electrolytic capacitors in the top of the machine. Be careful, there are lethal voltages here. weldersales


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      Check the trigger first and its connection in side the case.
      Does the air flow in gas test?
      Loosen the retaining cap on the torch 1/4 turn and see if it fires.
      It maybe best to take it in. these are not easy machines to troubleshoot.
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