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  • Aerowave problem

    Hello All,
    A few days ago, one of the guys ran over the pedal cord for our Aerowave welder. It looks like two of the wires were split and now the amperage pegs out at 534. We swapped out the pedal with a new until with no luck. When you get the electrode close to your work piece its arcs without any input from the pedal, as if the tungsten is constantly hot. We have ued this welder for years, tried every setting and flipped every switch with no luck. Any ideas or information would be greatly appreciated.


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    Remove power from welder. Take covers off. Find your remote control plug. See if it has a small pc board on it or just wires. If it has PC10 on the back of the plug. remove plug assembly from the welder and inspect it. You may find damage. If you have just wires coming off the plug You may have damaged the control pcb. Try welding in panel only control and see if you have control.
    IF that work it might no be to expensive to have the pc board repaired.
    aerowave welders take a lot of time for a repair shop to fix. We have to take a lot apart just to see if they are safe to turn on.
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      Originally posted by ccawgc View Post
      We have to take a lot apart just to see if they are safe to turn on.
      I dont follow you here... are you saying you have to dismantle the machine to some degree to verify that its 'safe' to power on? Can you expand on this?


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        He's talking about a prepower check. It's a technician thing not for the operator to worry about.

        Though this is a highly technical machine, best to call a tech to repair it.