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    I got a chance to go see the Miller Road Show in Great Bend, KS today. It was great, I was only able to be there about an hour. I tried out a Miller 211 auto set, running flux core and running off of a generator, and then welded with a Miller 211 running solid wire. Both were great welders, I wish I would of had more time to spend there as there was plenty more things to see, and several other welders and plasma cutters to try out.

    The Road Show was at a 3-I show and there were lot of other things to see, I didn't leave there empty handy. I purchased a Miller Performance Helmet, that came with a pair of miller welding gloves, a helmet cover, some spare lenses including a cheater lens. Also purchased a Tillman welding jacket there.

    Then journeyed over to an Airgas both and purchased a set of Tillman mig gloves.

    All total I lightned up my wallet about $230.00.

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    How were the roadshow guys?


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      They were great, nice people to visit with and of course very knowledgeble. They put on a helmet viewed my welding and offered some good advise on how to improve my welding.

      I kind of felt like a duck out of water welding with the flux core and the Miller Road show guy gave me a few pointers that made a big difference right away.

      I would have like to have had an afternoon to have tried out all the equipment and looked over everything. I would have liked to have tried out some of the bigger mig welders and one of the migs using a spool gun. Hopefully they will be back in the area again one of these days.