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.030 wire with .035 drive rollers...

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  • .030 wire with .035 drive rollers...

    Quick question....I have a roll of .030 have some exhaust tubing coming up wondering if .035 feed rollers will feed ok. I guess I could try it, but figured I would ask.
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    Should be fine. I run .023, .030 and .035 with the same rollers on my MM185...Bob
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      It is common to run .030 and .035 wire with the same .035 drive rolls. You will be fine.
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        As Miller doesn't make .030 VK dual-drive roll kits, one has to use .035 to run .030 Innershield wire.
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          The 0.035 drive rolls on the 22A feeder may slip. It will depend how old they are. The drive system on some of the smaller welders are designed to take more than one wire size. The heavy duty feeders have grooves on the drive roll and the pressure roller. The light duty one just use a bearing. My mm35 uses a flat roller for the small wires and changes the pressure roll to a grooved one for large ones. Try it. put the wire in and close the pressure arm. adjust the spring tension and then see if you can pull the wire back out. If it won't pull out, your in luck. But if it slips right out, you will need the correct drive roll set.
          Putting to much drive pressure WILL CAUSE THE MOTOR BEARING TO FAIL
          Use just enough pressure to get good feed. Spring all the way compressed is to much. I get to sell motors when people do this $$$$$$
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