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Source for 1.25" seamless square tubing.

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  • Source for 1.25" seamless square tubing.

    Finally it has happened..... my local Alro has failed me.

    I need to find seamless square tubing 1.625 X 3/16" wall (1.25" ID is critical).

    It is for a hitch receiver that will only be used for a bike rack.

    I have been unable to find any locally (St. Petersburg, FL) or online.
    Any ideas?


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    Try an Internet search for local suppliers, but here is the first one that came up.

    Call a local steel supply yard and ask for receiver tubing. St. Petersburg is much larger than this small burg in Wyoming and it is available by the full stick or cut length here.
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      Thats an odd ball size. How long of piece do you need? Alot of odd special sizes are special made for each job. I have tubing special made but i have to buy 5,000 feet of it. If it was mine i would just fab up a piece if its just for a bike rack receiver tube...Bob
      Bob Wright


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        Why not make your own?

        If you only need a foot then just use 2 pcs 1 1/2" angle or even 1 pc 1.5" and 1 pc 1.75" of 3/16" thick scrap. Put your 1.25" square pc inside and tack up the other two around it. You may have to do a little grinding on one first. Make a 1" wide band or collar for the outside front with the welds turned 90degrees to your 1 foot long part. Yes, sometimes ornamental shops do have to make mounting brackets this way.