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  • Diversion 165

    Anybody have one of these yet?

    I would like a TIG and this looks like a good place to start.
    Nothing to do special, just wanted a TIG.

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    im about to buy one got a good quote and they had a demo unit in store from my 1.5 hours on it it layed down perfect AL beads on 1/16 with 5356 filler and 11 cfh argon have tryed steel on it but i have the synco 250dx for the heavy stuff
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      Man I love mine. Bang vs buck makes this a great little TIG machine. Be warned that you won't do any more than 3/16" mild steel and chromoly or 1/8" ALU unless you have a lot of time as the duty cycle at the high end is not much.

      Having said that I still bought one for portable work. I do lots of cylinder/head repairs on quads and snowmobiles, as well as heat exchangers and radiators. The Diversion is an awesome machine for that. We heave a Lincoln Precision TIG 375 at the shop which is great for the big stuff, but when a customer calls and says he has a broke down sled in his garage that he can't/doesn't want to load up and bring in, I tell him no problem. I just load my little Diversion onto the back of my truck and go to him. It's made me nothin but money.

      If all you need to do is light sheet metal/repair work, buy one today
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        great machine to start off with.... and keep! i tend to punish mine and it seems to love it. check out BR Weldings webiste for really good deals. sometimes they even have free shipping. i think they have the Diversion 165 for $1275.
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