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  • Airco MIG

    Hi group,

    Is it OK to post a Craigslist link if you aren't the seller?


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    Sure, do it now!!....esp if it's a good deal
    Miller Dynasty 700...OH YEA BABY!!
    Miller Dynasty 280 with AC independent expansion card
    Miller Dynasty 200 DX "Blue Lightning"

    Miller Bobcat 225 NT (what I began my present Biz with!)
    Miller 30-A Spoolgun
    Miller WC-115-A
    Miller Spectrum 300
    Miller 225 Thunderbolt (my first machine bought new 1980)
    Miller Digital Elite Titanium 9400


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      RE: Airco MIG

      Well, I think its a good deal. It depends on your perspective I suppose.

      The equipment was Miller.

      I have one of these units that I restored - less decals. Blast and paint. Took every component apart and cleaned and lubbed as necessary. Replaced zero components, although it could use a new voltage label on the drum.

      I wouldn't trade/sell for love nor money and it's a 1962.

      This guy even has an extra gun/cable-hose assy. The one in the picture appears to be an MHE-20G spool gun. The gun alone is worth what he's asking. I like it because I can put the cable/hose assy. on my shoulder and move it around all day with about 40' of latitude and I don't have the weight hanging below my wrist. All this also puts less stress on the cable/hose assy..

      Oh yea, running gear that acommodates two gas cylinders.

      He may not have the other contact tips, but I know the gun will accomodate .030, .035, and .045 wire without changing rollers!

      Check out Pro-Fax or ESAB for the replacement gun prices!

      I haven't run alu. on mine, but i've run MS and SS.

      Selenium might be "old tec" but they are smooth.

      I also have some documents (Miller) that came with mine. Similar enough models to diagnose/repair the power unit and the manual for the gun (Miller).



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        Good deal but its too far away for me. I have a Westinghouse about that vintage with the same Profax spoolgun as that one...Bob
        Bob Wright