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    I need some info on how to fit pipe. My name is raymomd and i just graduated from wec welding school.Currently i am a certified pipewelder for carolina energy soulitions. I tested on 2in 160 and 6in 160. I also want to learn how to fit pipe. Ive done some fitting mostley just squareing flanges on pipe. Im laid off right now and i was wanting to know if there are any books or videos that could get me pointed in the right direction. Ive noticed there are a lot of jobs that want pipefitters/welders. So if i could learn enough to start with i could take a job as a fitters helper and i wont be completly lost. ive got a long way to go but ive got to start somewere. there is no shops close to me that really does any pipe work so learing from somebody is pretty much out unless i get on as a hepler. Schools here dont teach pipefitting.The company i work for sent me to texas to do a shut down at stp nuke plant for 2 weeks then they told me they dont know when there will be any more work.So i wanted to use my down time to get some knowledge of pipefitting.Thank yall for all your help it is greatly apreciated.

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    Shame you can't get out there and learn beside a skilled fitter. Do you have a copy of 'The Pipe Fitter's and Pipe Welder's Handbook' by Thomas W. Frankland. It's a must have for anyone working with pipe. Full of info and charts. The techniques to use them however have to be learned elsewhere.


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      frankland books are good, as are the IPT books. but what they both lack is the physical aspect of the trade. i hate to say it, but the best way to learn how to fit, is to do it. Dredge have you looked into an actual apprenticeship with a union? a five year apprenticeship is a great way to learn (this from a guy that just finished mine). PM me and i can get you some info for the Local Union in your area.

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        This guy touches on the basics.

        This video gives clear instruction on pipe spool fabrication with Downhill Stick welding procedures but does not actually follow any type of welding code. Fi...
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          That's kind of a scary post, Dredge. I went so far as to accepted into the same Carolina Energy school when it first opened - except I didn't have the money to stay there for six months. (Yes, I did recognize the whole signing over each entire government check for $4000 as a sweet scam for them.)

          I got interested in it after working a couple of nuke shutdowns literally side-by-side Carolina Energy welders breathing the exact same fumes and dust in the 100+ degree containment buildings as them for just about half the money they were making. That just didn't seem like something I wanted to continue.

          I was pretty sure you could make $50k during the first year and more after that,

          What you say about being laid-off is the scary part. I could have done that right where I was. I'm in what I consider to be a dead-end job right now; but at least I'm not laid-off. At least not this week.

          Let us know if things pick up, ok?

          Until then you can buy "The $100k Welder" and all your problems will be a thing of the past in just 60 days. (Oh well, after **** Clark and Ed McMahon got sued by all 50 state attorney generals, I guess somebody had to pick up the slack.)


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            Originally posted by James D View Post
            after **** Clark

            You've GOT to be kidding me!

            Excuse me, RICHARD Clark. (As though anyone using Richard as a pejorative wouldn't be understood perfectly well.)


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              Originally posted by Sonora Iron View Post
              This guy touches on the basics.

              He also offers some videos on pipe fitting. I haven't seen them so I can't vouch for them. But I have seen his YouTube videos and he seems to have the knowledge and ability to pass it on.

              I've talked with Michael via email a few times and he's a good fella.

              His website is

              As stated though, until you do it it's hard to realize the precision and care it take to fit good pipe.

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