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    One fact of life that is universal no matter where you live...

    4100 kWh on one bill is going to cost less than 4000 khW and 100 kWh on separate bills.

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      Power company wants $20.00 for the drop.

      Problem solved!


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        Greetings all...haven't been out here for awhile.
        I have a 40' shipping container on my property that I wanted to use as a weld shop. I called SCE and was looking into getting a 200a can. I was told that it would cost in the neighborhood of 10k to do this. The reason being is that they would have to put a new power pole on the property. I ended up putting in a 60a sub in my garage for the TIG. I run my MIG off a generator down in the container. It all works out well.

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