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  • Open invitation for payback

    Hi everybody,I don,t post alot mainly because I type so slow(4-5 wpm)unless I have something positive and constructive to say.That being said due recent health issues and being retired I find myself feeling obligated to pass on the knowledge and experience and wisdom gained from 40 years in the trade ,fortunate to have studied at the feet of some GREAT old time MASTERS who saw fit to not only teach me some of their hard earned secrets but more importantly the knowledge to learn my own tricks and secrets.So this is an open invitation to ANYONE who wants to come to western Syracuse NY area for some one on one (I would even consider a small group if some wants to bring the food) I have a well stocked with mostly large Miller machines and everything to go with it.I will even supply gas and consumables within reason and have lots of scrap and daily steel delivery if needed.The only thing I'm NOT set up for is AL spool gun but I'm game for Anything else. Bill

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    Hey Bill,
    From another "'ol timer" who just retired this week, I want to say that your offer is more than generous & quite honorable. I have 47 years of welding, machining, tool & die, fabrication, & production design under the lid that I also try to pass on with "old world" values & attitude to the youngsters & newbies. I do post on several forums, many techniques & projects involving metal manipulation to shed some light to those who may struggle at times. I also find it quite rewarding to have someone attain success with a simple tip or hint. I see, nowadays, a lot of the 'ol timers don't pass on their "secrets" to the youngsters as they once did....a shame.

    Anyway, whether your slow with typing or not, don't hesitate to post some of your talent here & other forums. I'm sure it will be welcomed.

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      Thats great to both of you guys. I also just retired on April 1st. So if you can't make it to NY and are anywhere near NE Ohio the doors always open. Come on over and play...Bob
      Bob Wright


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        Thanks Guys,Another reason I don, offer more advise online is I want to see the pearsons face so that I know they understand what I am trying to convey.I would hate to be misunderstood and have something unfortunate happen so I choose what I post vey carefully.I have always had an open door policy for any that really wants to learn and the little bit I have done over the years has been very rewarding and enjoyable,I just decided that it was time to expand on it, I have noticed more and more newbies post who have no idea what kind of trouble they can cause or get into because of wrong and or plain bad information on TV or the 'net because they don't know any better or have access to good info or even where to go find reliable info for their project.(off the soapbox) Bill


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          As a relative newby, about 3 years now, I want to say THANK YOU to all 3 of you. I only wish I lived close enough to take advantage of your offers. I would love to spend 2-3 days learning and improving my skills under a master like each of you.

          I have followed Bob's and Denny's posts and always found them to be informative and practical. I also appreciate your patience with other new guys because we often "don't know what we don't know" and your advice can help keep us out of the ditches.

          Bill, I will be on the lookout for your posts as well.

          Best of luck to you in your retirements, but please use your new-found freedom to post even more!
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            that is very nice of you to open up your shop to pass on the skills of time, i wish i was closer, i,too try to help pass on the skill that i have earned to the younger generation, not to many takers, i sent out emails to a bunch of military web sites offering free shop time for our veterans returning home from war, my uncle was a third generation welder, i loved to watch him work, you cant beat experience, you are a good man. thank you. kevin


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              I can say, from personal experience, this has been done before. A member here, on the West Coast, opened up his shop, for each of the last two years, featuring especially Miller equipment, but also some Lincoln and Thermal-arc, supplied by the guests. I attended the first year, wasn't able to the second year.

              Topics covered, both years, included Tig, Mig, and stick.

              First year, included attendees from Wyoming, Alabama, Washington, Oregon, and California.

              Second year, included guys from Oklahoma and Texas. In addition to Washington and Oregon and California.

              In both cases, everybody left with more knowledge than they came with, in most cases everybody added to everybody else's knowledge.

              Don't be shy about it, the fact that others are thinking of doing this also, and actually doing this, is really a good thing.
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                Man, I'm thinking of taking a 4.5 hour drive north. That's a heck of a generous offer. Having never welded before March of this year, others on the boards have suggested I take a class. I have looked high and low and can't find a school nearby that offers anything I can use. If I quit my day job and pay $18K to Apex Tech, they'll even let me keep the tools...not gonna happen.

                It's pretty amazing that I have access to so many skilled tradespeople around me, in nearly every trade but welding. I can honestly say that I don't have one acquaintance that owns a welder or has ever welded. When friends hear that I'm welding my own railings they are amazed; like it's alchemy or something. ( I won't tell them it was a day and a half of welding and four days of painting.)

                I'm going to think on this on a little...

                "A little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing"

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                  If you were closer i,d stop in.Also i,m stuck here running my one man operation and the customers are finally coming out of winter hibernation.But thanks for the offer.
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                    If i was anywhere near you, I be over there in a blink of an eye.
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                      All three of you are Great guys, thats one heck of an offer. I am not all that far away, at least on a plane that is. My bank just wont let me skip out for any length of time. I wish I had a little paid vacation time but I don't.

                      Thank You Gentlemen, My hats off to you.

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                        Open invitation for payback

                        Hi Gang,Thanks for the encouagement for what I want do try and do.My goals are not so much to teach someone how to weld,that's the easy part.I figure about 15% knowledge and 150% practice with what ever machine they have,but I will try and help with whatever someone wants.What I want to pass on is all the work that goes into the job before you even plug the machine in.Like how a properly designed and prepared joint welded by a novice could be stronger than a poorly designed and prepared joint by a more skilled person.How ,before you attempt to repair something,you first have to determine why it failed,because like a chain is only as strong as it's weakest link,when you do the repair do you want to move that to another area and what would result the next time.With 30 plus years as shop foreman for a local midsized highway dept I have seen and repaired,modified,designed and redisigned anything that we used with great success.I love a challange. Bill