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First time tigging.

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  • First time tigging.

    Well I've been researching for a while and decided to pick up a Diversion 165 w/foot control and a new Digital Elite helmet. I know some of you hard core welders don't really approve of 165 due to it's lack of power but for what I need it's more then enough.

    I'm a hobbyist, and will be using this for building intake manifolds, exhaust manifolds, inter coolers and things like that. That's about it. So for me it was the perfect choice.

    Since I've been contemplating a tig for a while I've had my time to do some homework. I've read lots, watched tons and tons of videos, and read some more. I've welding with mig as a hobbyist for years now but have never had the opportunity to try tig welding.

    So yesterday was my first time firing it up.

    I figured I'd jump into the fire and start with Aluminum and the first thing I did was practice without filler rod, made about 6 or 7 passes on some scraps, to make sure I had some control. Then I decided it was time to try adding some filler rod.

    This is my very first weld with a tig ever... and first time welding aluminum.

    I only messed around for about 30-45 mins because it took so long to get everything setup, and to get the scrap pieces prepped. Here's a few more I did. I definitely have some work to do but I think I'm on the right track. If you look closely some of those are actual but welds.. just hard to tell in the pics.

    So far I'm super happy with it. The welder really does make it simple. The one thing I'm having problems with (which I only tried 2 or 3 times) is doing T joint welds.... YIKES... lol.

    1/8 Aluminum 6061 flat bar
    Orange Tungsten
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    Nice job.
    For a true beginner, you have a great start!

    I think you will pick this up really fast.



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      By the looks of your welds you are on the right track.

      Practice adding the same amount of filler each time you dip into the puddle, practice your heat control during the addition of the filler using the pedal, and practice the amount you move foward in the direction of travel after each dip with filler. Try not to move the torch while you add filler, then when the puddle wets out and the bead has formed, move forward and do it again.

      It looks like you'll do fine once you get the rythm.
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      Dynasty 300DX
      Esab PCM 1000


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        Thanks for the comments and pointers guys, very much appreciated.

        I can't wait to get some more time on the bench with it. I'll post up once I get some more time to practice.


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          Quick question for the pros... when do you pre heat aluminum? Is there a general thickness rule, or do you always preheat aluminum?