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    I am tasked with becoming a CWI but for no particular code. I wondered if anyone had any recommendations for a particular code set like D1.1 or API. Also I have heard good and bad things about Hobart schools but know little about any other welding schools. Any information would be welcomed.

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    I am a inspector for Mistras Group been in the inspection industry for about 3 years now, and from what i have gathered talking the CWI's that i work with. they say DO NOT take D1.1 unless you absolutely have to it is a long very complex code. where API 1104 is about half of d1.1. it is also very easy to read. however i have heard rumor that in the future AWS will be changing it so that if you cert out 1104 you can only inspect 1104 and if you cert out d1.1 you can only inspect d1.1. i don't know if this has taken effect yet or not.


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      A lot depends on what you plan on doing with it. IMHO if you plan on doing inspection to various different codes and want to be able to navigate these different codes effectively, go with D1.1. If you plan on only doing cross country pipeline then API 1104 would be the way to go.

      Many people are scared of D1.1 due to the size of the book. This is a little deceiving as the actual code portion is only approximately a little over half of the book itself. The rest is annexes and commentary. The questions on the code portion of the test will deal with the actual code portion of D1.1.

      D1.1 will give you a much better ability to inspect to other codes.

      Now having said this, regardless of which code you use to test with you are not limited to that code. As mentioned there have been rumors of this changing but as of now that is not the case.

      One can test to D1.1 and then get an API 1104 endorsement or vice versa.

      As for schools I can personally vouch for Hobart in Troy OH for their CWI prep course. TOP NOTCH.

      There is an abundance of information in this forum concerning AWS CWI preparation.

      Best of luck,
      ASW CWI / ASNT ACCP II / CWB Welding Inspector / CWB Welding Supervisor / PT Level II / MT Level II


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        Thanks for the information. Hobart is looking like the best choice in value and proximity, being I'm in Michigan.