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Bobcat 250 NT TIG Setup-can it be done?

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  • Bobcat 250 NT TIG Setup-can it be done?

    Howdy my flux inhaling brethren,

    My uncle has a Bobcat 250 NT Welder/Generator that I frequently use. I've been wanting to start doing some aluminum work and I noticed that this particular machine has a TIG setting on the control dial. My question is: What would be the optimal accessory(-ies) to achieve this capability? Any suggestions/comments?

    Thanks good folks,


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    As far as I know it won't do aluminum off that machine you can how ever do mild steel and stainless I have a Bobcat 250 with a TiG set up but it's a pain in the rear on the tungsten because I actually have to strike the arc to get it going.

    But maybe some of the others will chime in and confirm if your NT will do aluminum or not.

    Peace Out!
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      Going to need an Hf generator of some sort to keep your arc stable.


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        Just not worth it.

        I have a Bobcat 250 NT I looked into this very same thing it just cost more than I could see as being reasonable.
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          Ya will need the HF251 attachment to do aluminum.
          The Bobcat will weld aluminum just fine.
          Touch starts for tiging steels isn't very kind to the tungsten, but ya gotta do what ya gotta do.

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            I did aluminum for about 9-10 years with my bobcat 225NT.
            You need a freek box. The miller one is HF-251. If you get it with the internal contactor then you can have a remote button on the torch to start the arc.
            The only way you can adjust the amperage is to walk back to the machine and change it.
            This is not the best set-up in the world but it works ok and I did a lot of good work and made a bunch of over $50,000 a year with mine

            Then I joined this forum and realized I was WAY WAY WAY behind!!! You can simply buy a 200 Dynasty and run it off of you Bobcat and have full control of the arc. You will spend a couple thousand rigging your Bobber unless you find used equipment or you can get brave and spend some more and give yourself the option to have a machine that will go just about anywhere and run off of about any voltage, including your Bobcat when needed. I did just that this month.
            My Dynasty has saved me hundreds, maybe thousands of hrs on the Bobber. In fact so much so I quit carrying it on my rig and put it on a trailer. I do mobile marine repair of aluminum and have a bunch of pigtails made to use the customers electric.
            So yes you can do it, but there are better ways. I even run the stick from the Dynasty on the is just that much sweeter

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              That Dynasty looks like a sweet setup, and the frequency box is an economic option as well. That gives me somewhere to start looking...

              Thanks for all the useful info fellers



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                If you look at Craig's List, there will be 251's on there now and again for around 3-500 clams. I missed one at a yard sale for 150 once...friend didn't think I would have wanted it.

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