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US made Mig pliers/Welpers?

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  • US made Mig pliers/Welpers?

    I'm a welding student, and I would like to buy a pair. All of the mig pliers I've seen have been imports. So far my search has come up empty. Any ideas?

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    A little pricey but they are USA Made and work well. I use the Channellock Fence Pliers. Plus it has a little hammer on the end. Been dragging a pair around for 15 years...Bob
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    Bob Wright


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      I've had a couple pairs of those kicking around since I was a kid.... never thought to use them as mig pliers...
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        They were in my grandfathers tool box i got after he died. All rusty but with good blue handles. So i took them to work to wire brush off the rust then i reblued the metal with Brownells gun bluing. Had them laying on the companies Miller Deltaweld 452 then i got the idea. Been using them ever since...Bob
        Bob Wright


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          Originally posted by aametalmaster View Post
          then i reblued the metal with Brownells gun bluing...Bob
          That sounds like a pretty decent idea. I have some older tools that I got from a great uncle when he passed away - a real monkey wrench (flat smooth adjustable wrench the size of a plumber's wrench) that I pull out when I need to tight that really big nut (anything over 1 1/16"). I'd love to preserve that.
          Right now its the fight with WD-40 and rag every couple months.
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            Bluing will help hold oil, but you will still have to keep it oiled to prevent rust. There are probably better oils to use to keep old tools rust free than WD-40. WD-40 is great for drying things out, but it really is not a particularly good long term preservative, nor lubricant. Boeshield T9 or BreakFree CLP are both much better at rust prevention.


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              The "Welpers" name brand pliers are made in Japan. If you ever find Welpers made in the US - they're actually a copy. It's the same deal with Lightnin' Bug torch lighters - very good quality product that just happens to be made in Japan.

              As long as they aren't made in China, I'm OK with that.
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                Looking for US made too.

                I'm in the same boat. I've searched for a US made welding plier, and so far, I haven't found anything. However, I spoke with Klien Tools. They do not make a welding plier, but I was asked to submit an email suggesting they would. I'm sure we can all agree that Klien has always made great and dependable tools.... and there US made too. I'm asking all of you to contact Klien as well.



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                  Hmm, I am gonna have a look for those fence pliers I got here somewhere. Never would think they are good for mig pliers but have to try and see what they can do.
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                    Klien tools , please start making some good mig pliers!

                    I saw a leatherman tool with replaceable wire cutter jaws, that would be a nice feature in some quality made mig pliers. If they were anywhere near as good as the pair of their needle nose i got , they would be heirloom quality. Im not asking to re-invent the wheel, i just have had a few pairs where the cutters went useless fast.
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                      I get mine @ TSC.- Tractor Supply Co. , I have No idea where they are made.
                      Fair quality though !

                      ........... Norm


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                        Your local welding supply should be able to get them for you. You will probably have to specify that you want the original "welpers".