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  • Intellatig

    Im looking for someone who can give me some info on a piece of miller equip. called a Intellatig. I believe it used to be offerd as an accessory but thinking thats no longer true. Help !!!!!!!

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    there were several versions...

    here is a link to the manual for the intellitig 4

    intellitig 40

    intellitig MPC

    and a whole range of intelliXXX in the manuals section..

    hope this helps..

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      The intellitig series was millers attempt to compete in the automated tig market. As you can see by H80N's post above, there were 3 different models. One was for use with the Sync 351 and the other two were stand alone units.

      Which one do you have and what would you like to do with it?


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        Thanks for the reply, H80N & GTA/SPEC. I believe i have intellatig 4, i was hoping to hook it up to a AC/DC power source and have the option of HF for DC tig starts or AC continous for tig on aluminum. Im still not sure if this has the capabilities to do that like the HF251-1 does. Any additional comments or info is welcome as my time to research this is very limited.


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          AC no, DC yes.

          The intellitig 4 will only provide on/off sequence control with a limited amperage trim option. It has zero provisions for a remote foot pedal and is very limited in its operation.


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            As far as I know the Intelletig was not a high freq. generator as the HF251D-1 is. and as other members stated is not for AC use. It was for semi automated and automated processes not manual use. If you are only looking for high freq. then the HF251D-1 is what you want. If you want more control for a manual tig process such as pulsed tig, you need to find a miller PC-300 box. The PC-300 was an add on tig pulsing unit and was very adjustable for many parameters. Unfortunatly you would still have to buy a high freq. box if you wanted that to go along with the pulsed tig. The PC-300 is no longer being manufactered by Miller, but sometimes you can find them used.
            Miller also had a high freq. generator called the snap start of which I am not that familiar with. The HF251D-1 and PC-300 both work on Miller's 14 pin connector; I am not sure about the snap start.
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