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  • econo-tig

    Any one have experience with these?
    If so, did you observe a fluctuating amperage at the torch?
    Did you observe a poorly defined, hard to control arc?
    I am asking this to try to predetermine a need for service.

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    Can't say I've used one.

    Fluctuating power could be bad foot control or something between that an the welder itself.

    However, you say "hard to control" arc. Are you talking about the intensity of the arc or is it wandering all over the place? If its wandering, given your other symptoms, I would start looking at gas flow. Check flow meter and make sure collect is super clear.
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      Make sure your tungsten is clean and properly ground. This can cause the arc to fan out or wander.
      Also is your material magnetized? I don't think I've ever run into this problem with tig, but it could be pushing your arc around.

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        Used to have one. Never had a problem or noticed any amperage fluctuations.
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